March 16, 2007

Right On, Dr. Mohler!

Thursday morning I was called by a friend in Memphis about something she had heard on the news about Dr. Mohler, president of The Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY. She had heard that Dr. Mohler had said "some babies are born gay"! I also had heard the exact thing on the radio earlier that morning but had sort of brushed it off. But when she called I immediately went to the source, Dr. Mohler's blog, where I found this article:

After reading this article, I must admit I was quite confused as well. I called my husband and asked him about his take on the posting because he had actually received the article when it was posted on March 2nd. We both knew there was mass confusion and we knew where Dr. Mohler stood on this issue. Sin is sin. Homosexuality is sin just like lying or cheating is sin. What he was doing was writing in response to an article in Radar magazine entitled "Is Your Baby Gay?" So I think what he was saying in response to that article is no matter what they use to justify homosexuality it is still sin. Even if, and that's a HUGE "If", they were to find that gene, it would still be sin. We are all apart of the fallen creation, we are all tempted in one way or another, but it still makes it sin. Dr. Mohler has written a response to all the criticism he received yesterday on his blog

I read that response and I am totally in full agreement with what he has to say. I think Dr. Mohler is a true man of God and I am thankful that he is able to stand up in this lost and dying world. I think it is a challenge to all believers that we are to love the person and hate the sin and to remember that ALL have fallen short of the glory of God and that we are all sinners, some of whom have been saved by His amazing grace.

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Manders said...

i really hate how the media takes stuff like that and twist it around to say what they want it to say, even if it hurts the person who said it.

i am with you on being glad there people who still stand up for what is right! i wish there were more people like that in the world today.