March 13, 2007

Daylight Savings Time

So I woke up for the third morning in a row to complete darkness! I don't like that! What is the point of Daylight Savings Time anyway? My husband and I left for work about 5 min to 7 this morning and it looked like the sun was just rising. What's the point? I'm with Indiana and Arizona in not changing the time ever...although does that mess their TV show schedule completely up? Does that mean that they used to watch Grey's Anatamy in Indiana at 8 pm and now they have to wait until 9 pm? That might be even more confusing than waking up to darkness instead of light!

1 comment:

Manders said...

i am with you on the daylight savings time thing. it makes no sense. it messes everything up. with two kids it is just not fun. their little body clocks are all messed up now, which means mine is too. i think i would wait until 9 to watch grey's anatomy (which is new this week!) in order to have more sleep and children that are not grouchy. :-)