August 08, 2008

A lot going on!!!

So this week has been REALLY busy for me but I am SO glad that I am here! It has been a week of emotional highs and lows for me. Nothing major but just mountains and valleys this week. Last night I watched Larry King and the Chapman family discuss their journey since May 21st. I encourage you all to go and listen to the 1 hour long show. You can go here which takes you to Jim's blog (Steven's manager and best friend) and then from there you can link to the You Tube links. I guarantee that you will be blessed and encouraged by their testimony.
Some exciting news from my family here in Birmingham, well church family but they are still my family. We have 2 new baby girls, Pearl and Laila. These are their pictures with their brothers. We are so excited to be growing in these ways at Grace Covenant Baptist Church. The first is Jacob and Laila, the second is Luther and Pearl.