December 14, 2007

Not Good if Detached...

Not Good if Detached is a book by Corrie Ten Boom, in which the title relates to when her father would not give her the train ticket until she needed it to get on the train. In his own way he was teaching her that God doesn't give us things that we want until we need them. I experienced this a little bit this week. I had ordered personalized gifts for my family around the first of November, expecting them to be here by Christmas. Well my husband's family Christmas is Saturday and I had 2 gifts in that shipment that I needed by Friday when I left work. I have been "worried" about this shipment because I was going to have two people that would be left out of gifts, at least until I received them. I tried and tried to get ahold of the consultant, she tried to call the corporate office and could not get them to up the shipment. As of Thursday at 3pm, my order would either be shipped that afternoon or Friday morning and it supposedly takes 2 days to get to the receiver. Well...much to my surprise and joy, my order arrived with UPS this morning. If only I had been patient and trusted that God would give me my "ticket" right when I needed it! My worrying did no good. So, I'm thrilled because I have presents to give all my family tomorrow...thank you Lord. Forgive me for not being patient!

December 04, 2007

Long Time

In honor of Christmas I have changed my look! Since my last post, 2 things have happened in the Jackson family:
  • we have moved to a new apartment...closer to our wonderful church family, closer to friends, and closer to Shane's work
  • I have lost close to 50 lbs and still losing - it's been SUCH a blessing!

God has been so gracious to our family this fall. We have had a wonderful Thanksgiving and look forward to spending time with our family. I'll try to keep blogging this December!