June 24, 2008

Disappointment Met With Peace

Why is it that when we pray for God to give us a clear answer and He does, we tend to not rejoice about it? Why do we pray for God to shut doors and then we He shuts the one we didn't want shut we complain and say "God are you not listening to us? Do you really love us?" Well I have been "disappointed" in my "mind" but in reality I have been blessed. God has closed a door for us. I'm striving to keep in mind that God does not disappoint.
Shane had a job opportunity present itself near the middle of May at the VA Hospital here in Birmingham. The job would have been right up his alley, he would be perfect for the position. Before this job came up he had signed up to take the LSAT on June 16. We have been waiting for an answer from the VA since he interviewed with them in May. Shane has been proactive in calling his VA contact for the last two weeks, but no reply from them. No letter has come in the mail so we were still waiting. Meanwhile, he took the LSAT last Monday and feels like he did really well. He wants to go to law school, a dream he has had ever since I have known him. We have been praying since last week that God would give us wisdom if we had to choose between the VA and law school. We don't get our LSAT scores until July 7th. Well tonight we found out that the job at the VA was given to someone else and instead of me thanking God at first for answering our prayer (not having to choose between both options) I was sad. I was sad and mad that once again my brilliant husband had been turned down and they couldn't even call us or send a letter saying the position had been filled. Now I realize that this was really an answered prayer. Instead of God making us choose between one or the other, He just took an option away. Thank you Lord for doing this for us, for not making us go through such a hard decision. I pray that next time I will realize sooner that You are still on Your throne and that You go before us every step of this journey! Thank you for loving me so much that you take things away! Teach me to be more willing to lack that which You withhold!

VBS and a Busy Month

Sorry it has been such a long time since I have posted, I guess I just didn't have anything to write about...or so I thought! We have been busy this month.

We had VBS at our church, the first we have ever had. I have to say it went off without a hitch...God was very gracious. We had some great teachers who taught us that God Always Wins, our kids raised over $100 in their penny race which was sent to South Africa to our missionaries, and we even learned some new songs and they absolutely loved Pacman Tag (see below), even the adults played it!!

Shane was involved in the mini puppet shows every night at VBS...he did a GREAT job, he has such a talent for doing different voices. His first character was King Nebuchadnezzar and he did his voice in a British, old man voice (which by the way, why do Bible characters have British accents?). He then did Casey the Camel like the voice of Casey Kasem...it was hilarious. Then he was Jack the Jack Rabbit with an Australian accent...it was GREAT! The kids loved it and I think they even learned something from the puppets. Only God knows the fruit that will be yielded from this week. I pray that seeds were planted and that one day God would bring these children to a complete understanding of Him and their need for Christ! I can't wait to see what He does!

Next week for us we will be in Destin, FL...WAHOO!!! We can't wait to go on vacation! I'll try and post some pics from our family trip to the beach!