March 23, 2007


Today is Friday and I absolutely love Fridays. In college I had mixed feelings. Most of the professors scheduled their tests on Friday so that made them hard but then you had the weekend not to have to study or do homework. As an adult, in the real world...haha...I love Fridays. Fridays mean a lot to me. It means I have come to the end of a work week where I can clean my desk off and start afresh on Monday. It means payday which we all know why that is good. It means I have 2 days to rest, 1 of which I get to go and sit under godly, Biblical teaching. Fridays also mean date night for me and my husband (of almost 3 years, oh my goodness!) Tonight we are actually "double" dating with his boss' son and fiance. We are meeting younger couples and it is great. I also like Fridays because my boss leaves early and I get a lot of work done! :-) Have a GREAT Friday!

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Manders said...

i love fridays too! nothing really changes much for me, since i am at home all the time anyway, but it does mean that for 2 days i have help with the kids...that is nice!

happy friday to you too...and enjoy your double date tonight!