August 03, 2011

Bob Riley

No, not that Bob Riley, but my grandfather, Robert E Riley.  He just happens to share a name with a former Alabama governor...small world huh?  My Pawpaw Riley is now in the presence of the Lord, rejoicing and complete.  He died on July 19th in Garner, NC.  Pawpaw was a brilliant man, my Dad described him as one of the smartest men he ever knew.  He was married to my sweet grandmother, Sybil until she lost her battle to cancer about 14 years ago.  I have numerous memories of visiting with them when I was little...I remember him always wanting to cook us big breakfasts on Saturday mornings.  I remember him being so proud of his garden and the produce it produced and even more proud of his compost pile.  :-)  I remember going to his company, APC, and the smells of coffee and cigarettes.  Although I don't really know all of his accomplishments I do know he had several patents in his name, he helped to engineer the Indiana Jones Show at Disneyland and he invented something about a computer chip.  He loved us and he loved the Lord.  He would take us to church with him when we came to visit.  They had a gold VW bug in his garage for many, many years.

My dad along with my aunt and uncle were able to be with him in his final hours.  Dad said that they sang some hymns before he breathed his last breath.  They had a memorial service on Friday in NC and then we all congregated in Clinton, MS to bury him beside my grandmother.  I'm thankful for this man in my life.  I am confident I am who I am because of this man and his influence in my life.  He will be missed but I will one day see him again.  Praise the Lord!  

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