August 03, 2011

Happy 38th Birthday Shane

Shaneman had a big birthday this year!  We both took a vacation day on the day and decided that from now on, we will definitely be taking vacation for our was GREAT!  He got to sleep in and then we packed the car and headed to Gadsden to eat at his favorite restaurant, Maters Pizza Emporium...

Shane's Mom, Grandmother, Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Sandy, Uncle Jim, Tyler, Cassie and Isaiah joined us to help us celebrate!  He loved it!  

After that we made our way to Little Rock for the weekend where we had more birthday sister and Dad both had birthdays last week as well.  Shane wanted Whole Hog BBQ and The Flying Fish for dinner.  We got to play games, watch movies and just laugh with the family.  It was such a great weekend.

We came back on Sunday and finished our fun at the Blues City Cafe in Memphis.  Apparently Tom Cruise eats there in the movie, The Firm.  It was good food and a different atmosphere.  

It was such a fun birthday celebration and I totally enjoyed the time with my husband.  I'm so thankful for him and the 38 years God has given him.  I pray for many, many more and that he would be used greatly by the Lord.  I love you Shaneman!!!  

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carlyn said...

james and i use to go to the blue city cafe on dates is college. you will have to let him tell you his fave story about me one day, because it happened there and involved a plate of ribs there amazing ribs.