April 07, 2008

Christ as our Forerunner

I love our church! God has been so gracious to bless with the people and more importantly the teaching. Since Shane and I have been going to Grace Covenant, in Sunday School we have been going through, verse-by-verse, the first 5 books of the Bible. Well in January we started in Hebrews, a bit surprised by this, we were encouraged to read through Hebrews at least once a week and also to memorize some key verses. I have to admit the memorization, I am not doing so well but the reading of Hebrews has become so precious to me. I didn't realize it but Hebrews has just come alive to me and I think it is mainly because of the studying we had done of Genesis and Exodus. Anyway...2 weeks ago Dr. Cowan taught us from Hebrews 6 where it talks about Christ as our anchor and forerunner and what that really means in the original text.

Forerunner is a nautical term. One of the safest places to be on the ocean is in the harbor. Well big ships could not get into the harbor unless it was high tide b/c of the sandbar. So if they arrived and it was not high tide they would send a "forerunner" that held the anchor ahead of them into the harbor. The forerunner would throw the anchor into the harbor and therefore the ship would be safe and secure in case of a storm. Well then he brought this back to the text. Christ, at the cross has taken the anchor and thrown it into the harbor. If you are anchored to Him, you are safe, even though the storms will come, your anchor is in Him and it will not be moved. Also, that is a promise to us that one day we will also enter into the "harbor" where we will not see another storm. What a great picture! Thank you Lord for being our forerunner!

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Claire said...

Dr. Belser preached through Hebrews a year or so ago (at the old building) and I discovered that I love that book. It's so rich and full of truth.