July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Dad!

Happy Birthday to my dad, not my father, my dad! He turned 53 Thursday! I think he had a good day! We got him a chain saw...he called and said thanks for the scissors. LOL He has been such a blessing to me. God has used him in my life in a tremendous way. I'll never forget my dad calling me on a Sunday during my first week of college and said "I looked out in church today and didn't see your smiling face, I teared up! I miss you!" Thank you God for giving me such a great example of what You are like!

It's a week of birthdays for our family...tomorrow (Saturday) is Shane's b'day so I am in full party mode! I decided to put one together last Sunday after church so I've been planning all week! It's SO much fun...I think! I'll post some pictures tomorrow!

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Manders said...

I miss you!! How are you? Also, I tagged you for the name game, go to my blog to check it out.