November 05, 2008

My AWESOME Husband!

I am so thankful for my husband and what God is doing in his life right now. I'm so excited to be apart. Last night after the election results came through, about 10:00 our time, my husband gets VERY excited. He is grinning from ear to ear and for those of you that know him...he is rocking A LOT in his chair! Evidently he has been communicating with Mars Phoenix. When he told me, I had no clue what or who he was talking about. For those of you (like me) who don't stay on top of our space exploration, it is the spacecraft that is exploring the planet Mars. Shane twittered with Mars Phoenix, asking him to turn the mic on so blind people could get an idea of what being in space is like. Anyway...Here is the blog entry if you are interested, and Shane is the "blind man" mentioned towards the bottom of the blog entry and the entire twitter conversation is below...check out that my husband (jack728) says "Blind people would really dig it..." I love how he says "dig it" talking to a funny! Isn't this so COOL though??? Or is it just me?

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Erin Emigh Stanford said...

This is awesome!!!!

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