August 14, 2009

Cooking 101...Tuition Free

So Shane and I have started cooking together. It started about 2 weeks ago when he got a french press for his birthday. Since I have known him he could master the George Foreman grill and the microwave but he had never learned to boil we started there. But since we started we have boiled water, made turkish coffee and last night we made spaghetti!
Boiling water to use in his french press he has mastered - basically because we are using a tea kettle that whistles but there are several days when he makes his coffee when I'm not there.

Turkish coffee...that's hard! Here is a picture of the coffee pot...

Yes, that's what it really looks like! Basically you put your water in the pot (about 1/2 way full) and then you put it on the stove and let the water boil. Once the water boils, you take it off the stove and put 2 scoops of Turkish coffee in the pot. You stir it and then put it back on the stove but you have to "watch" it and when it foams up you take it off and stir it again. Put it back on the stove, let it foam up one more time and remove, then you pour it into these demitasse cups (the ones on the left). I don't drink coffee but Shane says it is STOUT! :-)

Last night was spaghetti...we starting from browning the sausage to putting the sauce on top of the noodles...he did GREAT! But it was definitely more time consuming!

I'm not sure what is next on our list to cook but I'll let you know...and hopefully take some pictures of Chef Shane! :-)

I have learned several things in trying to teach someone to cook...
1. Always be positive!

2. Multi-tasking when cooking is hard when you can't see!

3. I don't cook with "times"...I cook with how it looks and a gut feeling.

4. I don't measure spices...I just shake a few shakes and then I add more based on taste and how it looks.

Any suggestions on cooking would be GREAT! Oh and this is our new motto!


carlyn said...

i think i cook like you too abby!! i does make it kinda hard to share a "recipe" or teach someone else when there an no exacts.

Abby said...

Haha! I really have watched myself lately with cooking...I don't measure either! YIKES I am bad! I don't think I got it from my mother b/c I remember her measuring out! Is that a sign of laziness or smartness? :-)

Jennifer Dean said...

Abby that is awesome! I didn't know you guys were doing that. You are such an encouragement to me. I can't even be patient enough with Erin some days in teaching her to cook (and she can see)!!