September 05, 2008

The Republican VP

So what does everyone think about Sarah Palin? This election is very interesting to me for some reason. I have voted in 2 previous presidential elections but this one seems to stand out. I wonder if it is because my husband has encouraged me to understand what I'm voting for or if it is because I realize that the taxes coming out of my check every week seem to be growing and I'm afraid of what is to come. A week ago today, was the first time I had heard of Sarah Palin but immediately I started doing my research. I am not a big proponent for women in politics basically b/c I know how emotional I can be and do I really want that governing the United States? Anyway...all that to say, I like her. I think she is great. I respect her and what she has done for Alaska. I thought her speech on Wednesday night was phenomenal. Just wanted to see if anyone else has an opinion about her?

Some personal reasons I like Sarah Palin:

1. She is pro-life and proved it...not once, but twice. She was told her son had downs syndrome and in a world where parents are almost always encouraged to abort their baby when this is found out, they did not. And then when it was announced that her 17 year old daughter was pregnant, they did not hide her or keep it a secret or encourage her to have an abortion...they told the world and supported their daughter.

2. She has a big family. You don't see that much these days

It sounds like Alaska is flourishing because of work that she has done on their behalf. I like the idea of drilling for oil in Alaska. I had a suite mate in college who was from Alaska (Hey Kimber!!!) and she was always a proponent for drilling oil. Side note: Did you know that people in Alaska get a dividend every year for living there? You have to be a resident and all those from birth to death get a dividend. How cool is that? Anyone else want to move there? Shane and I are looking into it! Ha ha!

Update:  I read a GREAT post here about Sarah Palin and being the VP.  I'm so thankful for wise counsel on the subject.  


Angela said...

I posted a while comment and then it vanished! I agree with you and I Will be back later to post it!!

Thanks for your anniversary wishes!!


Abby said...

I'm reposting this for you...don't know what happened! :-)

From Angela:
I like her too. As much as the Mommy is me worries about howmuch time she has for those children, I also realize that it isn't my business. Just like I am free to make choices for my own children, she is free to make choices for hers. The same fears I have for her wn children, I have for the young children of ANY of the individual's on any ticket; Obama not excluded. It would be difficult for any parent to find time for thier children in these circumstances.

Politically, she is someone that I think will prove a GREAT benefit to our nation. I sit in awe of the democratic party's claims about her lack of experience. Heeeellllllooooo? I loved her line in her speech where she said, "I guess being a Mayor is something like being a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities!" That is the truth.

Thank you also for your sweet anniversary comments! I am very blessed! OH! I found the background from locating where YOU got yours. I love it!!

have a great weekend!!!

carlyn said...

james has always talked about us moving to alaska for the dividend!! we really like sarah. we are big fans :) i know what you mean about women in politics but in this case, she is definately a breath of fresh air compared to everyone else.