July 29, 2008

Character Training

Last week my mom mentioned to me that she had character training that afternoon. I thought "What is character training?" She told me it was her physical therapy. In early June my mom fell and did a good number on her knee, which required surgery and after surgery she was prescribed physical therapy. The first few times were very hard on her, and as expected caused a lot of pain. She soon saw the benefits of the therapy though and even though now they are still tough, she considers them necessary for her character. In fact she said "It is teaching me that I can push myself beyond what I want. It is teaching me that I must work through pain to achieve the optimum goal. It is showing me that everything doesn’t happen on my timetable. I must be patient. I’m not saying that I like the character building, but I know it is working."
As we talked about her therapy my mind kept going back to the word character and how we as Christians are to desire the character of God. We are made in His image but His character is what we really desire. A lot of times I am quick to ask God to relieve me from the current "therapy" and I forget that it is building my character. I know that I will not always like the character training but I can see glimpses that it is working and that one day! I don't necessarily fall into the same traps anymore...PRAISE THE LORD!!! May He continue to build my character so that His glory will shine brighter!

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