April 20, 2007


This week I have gotten a PDA phone...at least I think that is what it is called. A Cingular 8125. I don't really know why I had to get such a high tech phone but my husband insisted this was the phone I needed. I have to pretty much point at everything with a stylus to do anything with my phone. It is actually quite comical! What makes it funnier is that my dad and I have talked more this week using msn messenger FROM OUR PHONES than we have since Christmas. Actually, my dad has to one up me and got a Q phone this week at work himself...he said he can't have his daughter one up him on technology!!! This morning he messaged me while he was driving using some card on his computer. Now I'm not recommending instant messaging while you are driving but you have to admit that is some pretty serious technology that will allow you to be on the internet in your car!

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Manders said...

i think it is crazy that we can now talk to anyone we want to, whenever we want, in pretty much any way we want. who knows what will be next??!!

i only have a razr, and we can not text, well we can but the hubby says its too expensive :-) oh well, maybe when i grow up i can have a phone like you!